Crystal Josey

Star Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: April 2016

Location: Brighton, Colorado

This mom of two young kids and makeup artist shows us exactly how to mix LimeLight with a busy schedule. Crystal leads by example and always has a smile on her face. With impressive social media and cosmetic retail experience under her belt before joining LimeLight by Alcone, Crystal offers amazing leadership and advice to our growing team of Beauty Guides. 

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Kendra Aarhus, Lead Team Director

 Kendra is our Team Lead and has been a LimeLight by Alcone Beauty Guide since March of 2015. Along with her dedicated leaders, Kendra has developed team building strategies to grow this organization at record speed. As a hairstylist, beauty blogger, and makeup artist, Kendra has her finger on the pulse of the beauty industry is committed to helping everyone on the team reach individual financial and personal goals.

Eliza Desch

Star Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: January 2016

Location: California

Eliza knew the LimeLight opportunity was a no-brainer for her freelance hair and makeup career the moment she heard about it. She hit the ground running and has been a powerhouse of a sales woman, leader, and example of what can be done with this business. As a busy wife and mother, Eliza was thrilled that adding LimeLight to her career helped her work smarter and earn more money with the job that she already loved.

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Natalie Bodie, Director 

Natlie Bodie, blogger with Natalie's Worth Every Penny and a talented makeup artist, came to LimeLight with a wealth of direct sales experience in the cosmetic industry. She's built a solid network of sales leaders authentically sharing the products she loves the most. Natalie is a busy mom of two daughters and has enhanced the Radiance Team with her experience in immesurable ways.


The Radiance Team Leadership Directors

We are proud to have a dedicated team of proven leaders that take the guess work out of fast starting your career as a LimeLight Beauty Guide. These women have blazed a trail of success through team collaboration. We are excited to share our secrets and have developed easy to duplicate systems that we will guide you through step-by-step. Meet our leadership directors:

Heidi Kirk

Star Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: July 2015

Location: Midland, Texas

Heidi Kirk is an teacher and mother of six and building an amazing team in Midland, Texas. Heidi is a true example of someone who never wore a lot of makeup, but when LimeLight products made it so easy to look this amazing, she quickly became an expert. Her supportive nature and understanding of LimeLight products make her a natural and important leader.
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Natalie Vierling

Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: October 2016

Location: Crested Butte, Colorado

This woman's talents never seem to cease. Talented makeup artist, lash engineer, recording artist, mom, wife, and absolutely amazing human top her list of skills. Natalie saw the opportunity presented with LimeLight from her resort town in the mountains and has yet to look back. We can hardly keep up and absolutely love her tutorial videos. 

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Cindy Lee, Director

Cindy's proven skills in direct sales and recruiting will give you the leading edge on growing a prosperous team within your LimeLight organization. Cindy's comprehensive understanding of the LimeLight compensation plan, innovative recruiting ideas, and no-quit attitude make her an amazing resource for recruiting activities.

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Lisa Eckhardt

Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: October 2015

Location: Iowa City, Iowa

Lisa's love of makeup made joining LimeLight an irresistible adventure. The owner of Rayz Tanning in Iowa City, Lisa saw the perfect opportunity to introduce LimeLight to her customers and offer a little more to their experience at the tanning salon. Lisa is a natural example of beauty meets brains and has the right business mentality to integrate LimeLight with something that you're already doing with your career.

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Daniella Lee

Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: August 2016

Location: Keller. Texas

This busy wife and mother of 5 amazing kids is also a professional child birth educator and doula. She understands women's empowerment and is an absolute blessing on our team. Daniella was drawn to LimeLight's natural products, professionalism, and the way LimeLight holds women in high regard. She's a shining light in Texas and we are thrilled to have her join us in leadership. 

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Jaclyn Orlando, Lead Director

Jaclyn's impact on our team just can't be measured. She joined us with previous direct sales experience and a fire to create an experience for herself at LimeLight that was truly second to none. A stay-at-home mom of two, Jaclyn's LimeLight business gets her out of the everyday mom stuff and into a leadership role that makes her proud and a great example to her kids. We couldn't be happier to have Jackie on our team. 

Jaclyn leads the Boho Beauties Team - learn more about this amazing group. 


Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: October 2015

Location: Jesup, Iowa

Jaylene joined LimeLight as a way to help fund Christmas gifts and family vacations. She didn't imagine that her love for the products would develop into something that has been a sustainable second income. Her active willingness to learn and share make her an amazing beauty guide, even as she chases twins and manages a busy house as a wife and mom. She's our team cheerleader and everyone gets a boost of confidence from Jaylene daily.

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Tina Wing

Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: November 2015

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Tina is a very hard working wife and mom of three busy kids with a successful face painting business. She's an incredible artist, body painter, face painter, and makeup artist. She also has an uncanny knack at teaching women to make their makeup routines easy with our professional products. She joined LimeLight after an introduction to the line in November 2015 and didn't hesitate to sign on.

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Our Mission Statement

To inspire radiance by empowering women to maximize their earning potential, enhance their own self esteem, and as a team come together to positively improve the lives of women everywhere.

The Radiance Team is dedicated to the success of every single individual that joins the LimeLight by Alcone family. We've enjoyed rapid growth, record sales, and  unsurpassed team work by cultivating a culture of collaboration. We firmly believe that developing programs that allow you to duplicate this success has built a cornerstone to each individual business within our organization.

Randi Mager, Lead Director

Randi's dynamic personality and experience in front of the camera make her the ultimate beauty guide and a phenomenal leader. Randi joined LimeLight with previous direct sales experience after falling in love with the line and the compensation plan. Mom of twin girls, Randi gets what it takes to balance being a career wife, mother, and beauty expert. Her videos will blow you away.

Learn more about Randi and her team: the GLOW Getters! 

The Radiance Team Lead Beauty Guides

Our emerging leaders are building their teams and growing the next generation of Radiance Team Beauty Guides.

Leaders are listed alphabetically by state. 

Melinda Kruger

Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: December 2015

Location: Witchita, Kansas

Melinda is one of those women that finds something she loves and shares it with the world. Her authentic love for LimeLight by Alcone makes her a natural leader and advocate for the brand. As a wife and mother that also battles auto-immunie disease with her daughter, Melinda's no-quit attitude is remarkable. LimeLight skin care has helped change her life and we are so fortunate to have her light in our group.

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The Radiance Team Star Beauty Guides

Our proven leaders are paving the way for continued growth. Growing Leaders is our primary goal and these women have proven that they have what it takes.

Leaders are listed in alphabetical order by state. 

Patty Bell

Star Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: February 2014

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Patty Bell is an accomplished, award-winning makeup artist currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, whose work in print, television and film has taken her all over the country. Patty is a licensed esthetician, airbrush artist, beauty expert and member of the New York Hair and Makeup union, IATSE local #798, with more than 20 years experience in the beauty industry. She now offers LimeLight by Alcone cosmetics in her artistry and to her clients to add value to every service and leads a team of successful makeup artists.

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Kirstie Smith, Lead Director

Kirstie joins the Radiance Team from a small town in Pennsylvania where she and her husband spoil their goldendoodle, Sadie. She's a special education teacher by day, and she LimeLights by night. Kirstie hit the ground running with her LimeLight business, and is always coming up with creative and genuine ideas to help her team' that's growing quickly across the nation. 

Visit Kirstie's page to learn more about her mission as the leader of the Shine Division of the Radiance Tam. 

Susan Johnson

Star Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: June 2015

Location: Olds, Iowa

Susan Johnson brings a unique perspective to the Radiance Team. She is not only a mother to two beautiful young women and a professional in the medical field, but her husband is the inventor of our star product One Drop Wonder. Susan's genuine love of LimeLight products and unmatched knowledge of skincare ingredients make her a valuable asset to our team.

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Carrie HammAnN

Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight:

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Carrie's southern charm and less is more approach to makeup make her a delightful breath of fresh air on our team. Former direct sales experience give her an edge to understand the ins and outs of the business and she gets that hard work has amazing results. Carrie is a devoted wife and mother to a young girl and gets that all eyes are on her to be a shining example of love and light. She  nails it.

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Lindsey Green

Star Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: December 2015

Location: Scarborough, Maine

Lindsey is a pro makeup artist and hairstylist with a passion for offering her clients the best products. LimeLight by Alcone was a great solution that this busy mom and entrepreneur was looking for with her professional business. Lindsey didn't take long in her LimeLight career to show off her leadership abilities. The Radiance Team is lucky to have her on board paving the way in the Northeast.

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Shannon Faxton

Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: October 2016

Location: Portland, Maine

Shannon came to LimeLight by Alcone with plenty of direct sales experience and newly graduated from estethics school. She brings a level of authenticity, ethics, and responsibility to LimeLight that's refreshing. Her leadership skills are second-to-none and Shannon walks the walk by making sure her team members have everything they need to be successful. A wife and four-legged furry mama of two, we were blessed with Shannon on our team.


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Toni Priddy

Star Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: June 2015

Location: Witchita, Kansas

Toni is an absolute ray of sunshine, an excellent cook, a wonderful mother, and one of the first Radiance Team beauty guides. She's been involved in direct sales for several years and knows her way around a compensation plan. She's one of those people that's always giving a helping hand to our team and strives to reach new goals every month. Her sense of humor is a refreshing spark to our team every day.

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Jaime Davis

Lead Beauty Guide

Joined LimeLight: December 2015

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Jaime heads up our developing Des Moines team. She was a LimeLight junkie before she became a consultant, and has done an amazing job of sharing the light with her area. This busy mom is a perfect example of how to juggle responsibilities at home with volunteering and a budding business. Jaime's business savvy nature makes her an amazing natural leader.

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